How Dustless Tile Removal Works
How Dustless Tile Removal Works

If you’ve ever refinished hardwood floors and survived, you know that dust is no joke. Luckily, you won’t have that experience when you replace your tile floor. Now, we have the technology to capture almost all the particles that escape into the air during the process. Here’s how dustless tile removal works.

The Dangers of Dust

Removing tile can release dust and particulates into the air, especially when stirred up by tools. The National Cancer Institute has even classified one kind of particle, crystalline silica, as a carcinogen. Your tiles may contain hazardous materials, and prolonged exposure to these particles can cause serious illnesses.

The Game Changer

If you’re in love with your Roomba, you will love the latest vacuums that can latch onto dust and whisk it away permanently. As specialized tools grind, chip, and hammer away at the tiles, these vacuums can remove dust with powerful suction and impressive coverage.

The Minimal Prep Time

There’s no need to cover up all your furniture with plastic, tarps, and tape, or move items into another room to escape the dust. There’s practically no disruption to your routine at all—you just need to stay out of the way and go about your day. We can eliminate the larger pieces of tile, and get the finer particles out of your home to leave it pristine. High-powered filters scrub the air, so you breathe easy.

The Ones Who Benefit

Many clients who request dust-free removal have family members who are susceptible to lung problems. Even those with allergies and asthma can become irritated by the floor removal. Without a world-class vacuum, you can end up with a thin layer of dust in surprising places. Children, pets, the elderly—they all can be sensitive to harmful particles in the air. Anyone who prefers a clean environment can appreciate a service that eliminates the need for post-removal cleaning.

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