How Long Can You Expect Your Flooring To Last?

Homeowners should ask themselves one question when they’re shopping for flooring: how soon do you want to do this again? On one hand, style trends come and go, and you might want to spend less so you can change things up sooner rather than later. On the other hand, installing more expensive materials will give you better durability and can increase the value of your home. A large part of your decision will depend on how long you can expect your flooring to last.


Five To 15 years

As with every category, how long flooring lasts will depend on several factors: the quality level, how much traffic it gets, if you have pets, if spills happen, if you maintain it regularly, and so on. Generally, higher-density carpets have more longevity. Hiring professionals to steam-clean your carpet once a year is helpful, especially if they apply an anti-stain treatment. But if you choose white carpeting—well, good luck.


100 years

A good hardwood flooring will most likely outlive you. You should protect it with a new layer of polyurethane every three to five years and sand and refinish the floors every decade or so. You have one advantage when it comes to hardwood floors: a little wear and tear can make the wood look even more attractive. If the price of hardwood floors makes you flinch, remember that you’ll recoup much of that when you sell. House hunters rank hardwood floors high on their wish lists.


15 To 25 years

It’s difficult to predict a lifespan for laminate since the thickness and quality can vary. Some homeowners report it lasting for as little as 10 years, while others have gotten 30 years out of their flooring. Laminate is made with layers of plywood or compressed fiber, topped with a kind of “photograph” under a clear plastic coating. That top coating is pretty impressive and can withstand lots of wear and scratching.


20 years

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planking can imitate real stone, tile, and hardwood to an incredible degree. As with laminate, higher-quality luxury vinyl will wear longer, with some thicker kinds lasting for 25 years. They’re water-resistant, easy to install, and a low-maintenance alternative to real (and more expensive) flooring. With the technology for 3D printers advancing, manufacturers can even imitate the irregular textures of natural materials. It looks and feels like the real thing—without the hassle.

How long can you expect your flooring to last? You hope to protect it with some rugs, or live your life and hope for the best. If you’re comparing flooring in Phoenix, Arizona, Diamondback can help you find something that’ll withstand Arizona’s environment. Check out our selection, and contact us with any questions.