How To Care For Different Types of Flooring

How To Care For Different Types of Flooring

How To Care For Different Types of Flooring

You want your flooring to look as crisp and clean as the day you bought it. Of course, considering you walk on it, keeping it pristine will take a little effort. The secret behind how to care for different types of flooring is to stick to a maintenance schedule. If you let dirt accumulate, your floors will expire before their time.


Make sure your carpet is suitable for the foot traffic you expect. Regular vacuuming will keep dust and grime from piling up at the base of the fibers. Occasional deep cleaning is essential, as it cycles water and carpet cleaner through the material. Rent a steam cleaner or schedule a professional service about one every year to every year and a half. A carpet protector treatment can help ward off fading, wear, and permanent stain damage.


Most days, sweeping or vacuuming is all hardwood flooring needs. Once a week, use a damp mop that’s been well wrung out to ensure the floor’s not getting too much water. Spray special wood floor cleaner a little at a time and move with the grain. If you don’t overdo it, there’s no need to rinse. If you want to polish the floor some more, you can use something soft such as a cloth diaper or socks. Every few years, your hardwood will need a new protective coat, and every few decades, you should sand and refinish it.


Tile should be swept and mopped with a neutral floor cleaner; you don’t want anything too abrasive that could spoil the finish on the tiles. If you find that mopping leaves too much residue behind, you can turn to more acidic cleaners. Tile grout is porous, so it will need regular attention. Get out a brush before it becomes discolored. If the tile isn’t sparkling as much as you’d like, a steam cleaner is a kind of spa treatment you can use for both the tile and the grout.


If you like low-maintenance flooring, laminate is a beautiful and economical choice; it just won’t last as long. If the laminate catches any spills, you can use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe them up before mopping. Don’t slosh water around the floor. If it gets under the laminate, it could bubble or dislodge the flooring. You can skip polish for laminate. If you notice the protective top layer has worn away, it’s time for a new floor.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tiling and planking are treated the same way as laminate, although it’s more crucial to clean it regularly. If its surface is textured to mimic wood or tile, you don’t want dirt to accumulate in the detailing. Choose a neutral floor cleaner and avoid excess water. If you’re left with some streaks, use a solution of water and wine vinegar to eliminate them.

Understanding how to care for different types of flooring is key when you’re shopping for your home. Diamondback Flooring can show you everything from hardwood to luxury vinyl plank flooring in Phoenix,Arizona, and the surrounding areas. Contact us for samples or in-home measurements.