Reasons To Choose Laminate Flooring

You’ve never had more choices when it comes to flooring, and sorting the hype from the facts can be difficult. If you’re looking for big impact at a reasonable price, you’ll find plenty of reasons to choose laminate flooring.

High-End Taste, Modest Budget

A luxurious touch that elevates anyone’s home, hardwood planks are still in demand. But the raw materials are beyond the reach of many consumers’ budgets. Laminate is less expensive because it’s made of wood byproducts that are bonded with resins. The top layer is hard plastic printed with a design that can mimic the design of much more expensive products. With better technology and more convincing patterns, it’s difficult to tell faux hardwood laminate from the real thing.

Endless Selection

Whatever look you want, laminate has enough of a selection to create your dream interior. You can make your home look rich and cozy with laminate that looks like wood with a darker stain or get a bleached effect with lighter laminate that opens up a room for coastal décor. If you want your floor to look worn, you’ll find a laminate that complements rustic furniture with authenticity.

Easy Maintenance

Real hardwood is a sound investment that will increase the value of your home. But living with it can be nerve-wracking if you have kids, pets, or high traffic. You don’t have to worry about wood absorbing stains if you have laminate that just looks like high-end planks. There’s no refinishing every few years, no sanding, no heart-attack-level gasps when someone drags a chair across the floor. Swiffer the dust away often and use a damp mop on it occasionally, and laminate will serve you well.

Long-Term Durability

Laminate is water resistant and scratch resistant. The high-density fiberboards are rugged enough that you can live your life without giving another thought to your flooring for at least a decade. Some laminates can last for up to 30 years. There’s also no worry about water damage or plank replacement. You won’t need new flooring again until the protective layer on the laminate finally wears away.

The low cost may have first caught your attention, but there are many more reasons to choose laminate flooring, too. This expensive-looking option can compete with any product for aesthetics and wear. If you’re looking for laminate flooring for sale in Phoenix, Diamondback can help you compare samples in your own home. Contact us to hear more about how great your floors could look.