Reasons To Choose Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

It’s hard to improve on hardwood floors for a rich, classic style, but sometimes getting the same look at a lower price is a better strategy. Here, you’ll discover plenty of reasons to choose luxury vinyl plank flooring, especially if you’re looking for everyday practicality with maximum visual appeal.

The Look

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is gorgeous—no two ways about it. It looks just like hardwood, unless you’re on your knees inspecting it. Recent technology has made it possible to mimic every possible wood type, grain, and finish, down to the texture and seemingly random characteristics. At Diamondback Flooring, we can even vary and stagger the planks just like the real thing. Luxury vinyl plank flooring looks natural, and even worn, if you like a rustic vibe. Or, you can have it installed in a pattern such as parquet or herringbone.

The Durability

With the right conditions, luxury vinyl planking can last up to 20 years. But even in dismal conditions, it can be your best option because it’s more rugged than it looks. It’s ideal for heavy traffic, pets, kids, and clumsy homeowners with a habit of dropping things. It’s moisture resistant, so spill away. No judgment—just an experienced recommendation for flooring that resists scratching and that you can easily replace a plank at a time in a worst-case scenario.

Easy Installation

If you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer, luxury vinyl planking won’t be a challenge for you. There’s no need to remove your current flooring or to glue down the new one. You can install it directly on top of what you have now. No mess, minimal cleanup, a fast finish, and a satisfying payoff.

Easy Maintenance

If you’ve ever survived the experience—and expense—of sanding and refinishing real hardwood, you may not be anxious to do it again. Luxury vinyl planking couldn’t be more low maintenance. Sweep away dust and debris, and mop with warm water and dish soap. When spills happen, just wipe them up and walk away without another thought.

The Cost

We saved the best for last, because cost is one of the best reasons to choose luxury vinyl planking. At some point in every project, you have to decide if aesthetics are more important to you than price. But with luxury vinyl planking, you get a balance of both.

If you’re considering luxury vinyl plank flooring in Phoenix, Diamondback can show you a generous, quality selection in your own home. It’s the best way to get a real idea of how the flooring will work in your house. We don’t have overhead costs, and we don’t believe in playing games when it comes to pricing. For straight talk and the best flooring, contact us for a consultation or in-home measure.