Wood types

We offer basswood and poplar as our base building materials; you just tell us which one you want. All woods are domestic hardwoods, meaning you are getting the best quality for the job while not sacrificing beauty.

Louver sizes

We offer louvers between 2.5″ and 3.5″ as well as our largest size of 4.5″. This will allow you to choose the louver size based on your visual desires as well as air or sunlight flow decisions.


As far as paint goes, we can offer any color to match your decor style and preference. We also offer various stain options, as well. Colored paint gives you the chance to play around with color and sealants, while stains can provide a classic look while preserving the beautiful visual appeal of wood grains. We can even customize the color of all of the shutter hardware as well, so you're not looking at hardware that stands out and takes away from the craftsmanship of our beautiful shutters.

Sizes and shapes

The shutter panels can go up to 24″ wide by 72″ tall, including sunburst and rounded shutters.

Extended panels can be made up to 36″ for any additional needs. We also offer Z-Frame, L-Frame, and Deco Frame options for your shutters. Both standard and clear view tilt are available as well.

All of these customizable levels mean every shutter job can be made to order, and the only limitation is your imagination!

Call (602) 448-2899 and we can start talking about your options, budget, needs, and more.

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