Signs It’s Time To Get a New Carpet

A man laying down tile.

We don’t always notice our carpet until it’s suddenly sporting an enormous chili stain. That’s a serious cry for help—but there are also other, less obvious signs it’s time to get a new carpet. Evaluate the condition of your carpet with this checklist of warning signs. (Chili stains didn’t make the top five, but they deserve an honorable mention.)


With regular cleaning and normal use, carpets can last up to 15 years. However, if your carpet gets a lot of traffic or abuse, you may want to replace it after as few as five years. If you’re not sure how old your carpet is, ask yourself, “Is it green shag?” If the answer is yes, then you need a new carpet.

Allergy Symptoms

This is a big sign you need something new. If you find yourself sneezing more than usual, coughing, wheezing, or rubbing your irritated eyes, you may be reacting to allergens in your carpet or even mold. Even with regular cleanings, dust, mites, pollen, and dirt can still accumulate in carpets.


With time, the padding of your carpeting will flatten, making the carpet harder on your feet and providing a less stable foundation for your carpet. It can also absorb liquid spills and dirt and become uneven with time. If you hear a crinkling sound under your feet, you need new padding.


You may not notice the way your house smells, but guests do. All those dirty shoes, spilled drinks, and pet byproducts can fester deep in the carpet until they reach critical mass. Any moisture can lead to mold and mildew. If a cleaning doesn’t take care of the odor, you deserve a new carpet.


If you’ve been living with drab carpeting, you’ve probably forgotten how much a carpet can affect the mood of a room. Something new can update your home and lessen the need for rehabbing or new furniture. A new color or pattern can make a dramatic difference.

If you decide to consider new carpet in Phoenix, Arizona, Diamondback Flooring has a variety of style options and price points to choose from. Consult with us on the phone and share photos of your décor, and we’ll bring samples to you.

There are many signs it’s time to get a new carpet, but you are the best judge of that. We play it straight with you, never pressure you, and don’t have fake sales. We’re a family-owned business dedicated to giving you the best price and best product. Contact us when you’re ready to learn more.