Tips for Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Adding hardwood is one of the most high-impact ways to invest in your home. It can completely transform interiors from uninspired to something richer and more classic with a truly welcoming warmth. Wood floors can get pricey, but you’ll more than reap the rewards in resale value and pure enjoyment. These tips for choosing hardwood flooring can help you get the most out of the ultimate home improvement.

Budget Realistically

Hardwood will increase the value of your home, but that won’t help you right now. Find out what you can afford before you fall in love with an exotic or rare wood. A good flooring company will be upfront on pricing so that you don’t have to worry about surprise fees. If you find you can’t afford everything you want, just install flooring in one room at a time or find an alternative that’s gorgeous, too.

Think Big-Picture

Will you be adding more hardwood throughout the house? In that case, it’s better to give your home a unifying feature, so make sure it will be available when you want it. You can also purchase unfinished flooring later and stain it to match. Do you have plans to sell your home, even in the long term? Research what homebuyers prefer before you select something that only fits your personal style.

Complement Décor

Anything goes in your home, but hardwood floors generally create different moods and harmonize with different styles. Make sure you consider hardwood that make sense with your décor. Just a few examples:


Weathered-looking finishes are more casual, whether the wood is bleached, unfinished, or reclaimed. It looks great with airy interiors, and it will make a room look bigger. Bleached wood is best with minimalist and Scandinavian styles, with coastal furniture in vacation homes.


Don’t make the mistake of going too dark, or you won’t be able to identify your floors as real wood—and that’s what you’re paying for. Dark and stained woods are sophisticated and luxe, and they work well with more modern furniture. Combine them with lighter walls and furniture for a bigger impact.


Red oak is the most popular type of hardwood flooring because of its price and versatility. It’s hard and durable, and it has a prominent grain with wide variation. You can stain oak floors any color, and they work with any décor. Oak is the most classic type of classic hardwood.

At Diamondback Flooring, we can share more tips for choosing hardwood flooring without pressuring you to spend more than you want to. If you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Phoenix, we’ll bring a large selection of samples to you so that you can see how it will really work in your home. Contact us for an in-home measure so that we can help you transform your surroundings.