Understanding What Luxury Vinyl Tiling Is

High-end, black vinyl tiling in a modern office.

Homeowners love natural stone floors, which make any room more classic and inviting. But nobody loves the expense of buying and shipping the heavy stone or having to refinish their floors until the end of time. That’s why so many people end up deciding to leave the rocks to nature and use the smart alternative—luxury vinyl tiling—in their homes instead. Once you have an understanding of what luxury vinyl tiling is, you’ll be on your way to choosing floors that look gloriously real but that don’t need special treatment.


Luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) is composed of layers that are heat-pressured together. The backing and core layers support the construction with flexibility and stability. On top of that is the decorative layer, which can mimic any kind of natural stone. On top is a clear coating that prevents damage and prevents the print from wearing off. The thickness of these layers determines the tiling’s durability.


Vinyl flooring was first introduced at the 1933 “Century of Progress” Exposition in Chicago alongside such wonders as the Ferris wheel and the zipper. However, it has only reached its full potential in more recent years, as high-definition photography and 3D printing combined for more varied patterns and textures, making LVT nearly impossible to distinguish from real stone.


LVT is steadily rising in demand with homeowners who want to buy the best flooring once and not have to spend any more time or money keeping it up. Among the advantages of luxury floor tiling are:

  • Limitless designs
  • Water resistance
  • Scratch, scuff, and stain resistance
  • Cost-effective
  • Built-in soundproofing
  • Easy to install without professionals
  • Easy to clean; no need for waxes, polishes, or harsh chemicals
  • More comfortable
  • More forgiving
  • Less maintenance
  • Can last 20 years or more

Once you understand what luxury vinyl tiling is, you’ll want to see and feel it for yourself. If you’re looking for luxury vinyl tile flooring in Phoenix, Arizona, contact us for an in-home measure. We’ll bring several samples to you, and because of our low overhead, we can give you the best price without playing games. If you give LVT a try, you’ll find you never have to tiptoe around high-maintenance floors again.